Exploring the Ghost of Onibaba, Japan's Man-eating Old Woman

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Exploring the Ghost of Onibaba, Japan's Man-eating Old Woman
Exploring the Ghost of Onibaba, Japan's Man-eating Old Woman/ pinterest


Have you ever heard the word Onibaba? Onibaba is a kind of scary creature that is legendary in Japan.

Onibaba's ghost is an old female ghost who eats humans, eats humans? Well, the onibaba ghost is famous for its cannibal-like story.

The ghost of onibaba is also called Demong Hag, Old Hag, Mountain Woman, Goblin of Adachigahara, and Kurozuka, the Onibaba has many stories behind his name.

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The appearance of her figure was that of a very old woman, and like a madman, her hair and clothes were shabby, and had a big mouth that was ready to tear its prey to pieces.

Some say that Onibaba is a parable of a knife and thread disguised to spy on its prey.
Origin of Onibaba

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The ghost of Onibaba is said to come from a family that gave birth to a girl until the age of 5 the girl could not speak, her parents were worried and checked her with a fortune teller

According to the shaman, the girl can survive as long as she crushes a girl's heart or eats a living fetus.

Because parents are not strong enough to find a nanny to do this, but they are not strong enough with the situation of the caregiver moving to a cave with the girl there, waiting for tourists who pass by to take the fetus.

When it was time for the nanny to take the tourist's fetus but unexpectedly he used an amulet that made the nanny crazy and ate everyone who passed through the cave./RS

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