Dark Side From Cinderella Story

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Dark Side From Cinderella Story

Cinderella is told as a princess who is molested by her stepmother, before meeting a prince. Cinderella was searched for by the prince until they finally met and they lived happily ever after

But did you know that this fairy tale also has some dark sides? There are many versions of the Cinderella story because the story is taken from European folklore that continues to evolve.

There is a similar story that tells of a commercial sex worker whose shoes were stolen by an eagle. The eagle flew to the Mediterranean area and dropped his shoe in Egypt.

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Although there are many versions of this story, the most familiar we hear about the evil stepmother is believed to have come from France. A writer named Charles Perrault rewrote the story of Cenerentola from a collection of short stories published in Italy in the 17th century.
The story made by Perrault tells of a prince who brings a glass slipper to the village in search of the girl of his dreams. The prince met a family in the village. The mother of the family asked her two daughters to try on the shoes, but their legs were too long. The mother was desperate to cut the toes of her daughters to fit her shoes but failed.

Then Cinderella who was a stepdaughter tried on the shoes and they fit. Cinderella married a prince. The horror continues, where at Cinderella's wedding the prince asked the dove to peck the eyes of Cinderella's half-sisters.

There is also a mention that Cinderella killed her first mother. And another version also says that Cinderella ran away from her incestuous father, then Cinderella ran away and met the prince until Cinderella and the prince finally got married.(FR)

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