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I had a dream I felt something in my ear. What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean? I had a dream I felt something in my ear, so I looked in the mirror and I saw a snakes head coming out of my ear.. so I freaked out and pulled it out and then I killed it… but it was a huge snake…

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1 Her Answer

  1. I need help. The night before last I had a dream that me and boyfriend were having a big problem because of his best friend and I was crying. The next day my boyfriend told me he wanted space. I know some people will say it’s Coincidence but I really feel like my dreams are trying to tell me something or prepare me for something. Last night I had another dream and in this one my boyfriend and I were broken up but then we got back together. My cat that passed a few years ago showed up in my dream and she usually does when really bad or confusing times are happening to me. She shows up and it lets me know that it will all be alright. Am I crazy or is this something that actually happens? Are my dreams actually trying to prepare me for what’s gonna happen or are they trying to tell me something?

1 Him Answer

  1. That’s an enemy for you and your wife, someone she assumes to be a trustworthy advisor is giving her evil advice, sugar-coated with great promises.

    Most likely in my opinion.. the person entices her to spy on you, or is telling her that you prevented her from doing a certain something so that she doesn’t become an honored woman.