Surfing on Mawun Beach with Stunning Hill Views

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Surfing on Mawun Beach with Stunning Hill Views
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LOMBOK, DEPOST- Lombok is an area in West Nusa Tenggara. Everyone who hears the word Lombok will surely imagine the beauty of its stunning beaches. Local and foreign tourists who come to Lombok will definitely take the time to come to the beach. One of the beaches that tourists must visit is Mawun Beach.

Two green hills jutting into the sea seem to be a natural gateway that limits the coast to the open sea, making this tourist destination a enchanting beauty. The beach is still awake keasrinnya make anyone who comes to this place feel comfortable.

The shape of Mawun Beach is like the sole of a horse because of its semi-circular curved shape.

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The blue and clear sea water attracts tourists to come. The gradation released by the sea water is very pleasing to the eye. Green on the edges and green in the middle are beautiful and dazzling colors to always look at.

The expanse of white and clean sand is used as a place to play and a place to rest while looking at the scenery there. Even more interesting, the hills that surround this beach can change color according to the season. In the rainy season, the hill will be green, while in the dry season the hill will be brownish yellow.

The waves at Mawun Beach are indeed small, so tourists can enjoy the fresh water by swimming. For tourists who want to surf, don't worry you can come to the end of the hill. Because that's where the waves are bigger. While enjoying the stunning natural panorama with cool air, tourists can sit on the chairs that have been provided. There are many interesting photo spots in this place so tourists are really obliged to capture the moment.

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The facilities at Mawun Beach are quite complete, including:

- Toilet

- Parking area

- Culinary place

- Gazebo

Mawun Beach is located on Jl. Mawun, Tumpak Village, Kab, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The route taken to get to Mawun Beach is very pleasant, because every trip will be presented with beautiful views. For tourists who come from Mataram, you must direct the vehicle to Kediri. After arriving in Kediri, tourists must continue the journey to Praya.

Then tourists have to pass the climbing road to arrive at Selong Belanak. If you have arrived at Selong Belanak, you have to direct the vehicle to Mawun where the beach is located. To enter this beach, tourists do not need to pay for a ticket, they only need to pay for parking of Rp. 5,000/motorcycle while Rp. 10,000/ car. -23

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