The Beauty of the Ciletuh Geopark Sukabumi Indonesia

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The Beauty of the Ciletuh Geopark Sukabumi Indonesia
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SUKABUMI, DEPOST- UNESCO recently announced Ciletuh in Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi, West Java, as one of the new Global Geoparks. Thanks to this nomination, all destinations that are included in the geopark zone have begun to get world attention, thereby increasing tourist arrivals to Sukabumi.

Tourism in Sukabumi is growing with the presence of a new tourist destination, namely Geopark Ciletuh. What's more, the Ciletuh Geopark is being nominated to be part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network, so that if it has been ratified as a UNESCO Geopark, the name Ciletuh will be even more global.

By obtaining UNESCO Geopark status, the local community is expected to have a greater sense of belonging to their environment. Through geotourism, many jobs will be created and the economy will move while still conserving nature. Indonesia currently has two geopark locations that have been recognized by UNESCO, namely the Mount Batur area in Bali and Mount Sewu in East Java.

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Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi is an area that in recent years has become a tourism icon, not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.

The beauty of the Ciletuh Geopark which is located in eight villages, Ciemas District and Ujung Genteng Kab. Sukabumi invites adventurers to see its charm and natural beauty. Some objects that are worth seeing, such as: Curug Cimarinjung, Puncak Darma, Panenjoan, Batik Island, Hatchling Breeding and Falling.

Ciletuh Geopark has a horseshoe-like shape (amphitheater) with a diameter of about 15 kilometers overlooking Ciletuh Bay. With an area that is under the auspices of UNESCO. So wide, the number of attractions in the Ciletuh Geopark is very large, reaching 70 attractions. The following are some of the main tourist attractions that you must visit.

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There are 7 waterfalls with each uniqueness. Curug Cimarinjung, for example, among the thicket of trees plus the swift current makes visitors feel cool when they are splashed by the waterfall up close.

Another waterfall that can be reached easily is the sodong with a high twin flow, so that visitors can already peek at the beauty of this waterfall from the parking lot. Still in the same area, with trekking for approximately 15 minutes into the forest, visitors can find Curug Cikanteh with more than 2 waterfalls.

Drive for about 30 minutes, there is Awang Waterfall and Manik Peak. From the parking lot, visitors can descend closer to the flow of Curug Awang which is called Niagara Falls.

If it's still not enough, you can also go to the highlands in the Ciletuh Geopark park while enjoying the beauty and natural panorama. In addition, exploring the caves near the south coast sea, and waterfalls that fall directly into the sea will certainly be very fun.

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Tourist Attractions Around Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi

It's cool if you vacation here you can get many tours at once. This means it is a great thing to complete your Instagram photo collection.

Palangpang Beach, Geopark Entrance


This beach is the entrance to the Geopark in Sukabumi. On this beach there is also a Ciletuh Geopark monument. So if you want to take pictures at one of the Geopark landmarks, you should take the time to visit Palangpang Beach.

Curug Cimarinjung Towering High


The location is not far from Palangang Beach, even if you want to walk to the tourist attractions in Ciletuh from the beach you can too. The distance is only about 1 KM from the beach. When the water discharge is high, the waterfall at Curung Cimarinjung will flow heavily. So you better be careful.

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Curug Cikanteh Full of Charm


A beautiful waterfall which is located close to Curug Sodong. The water rushes from the high rock cliffs and falls on the large rocks below in a dramatic way. The waterfall hit the rocks in an irregular manner to create a widening stream of water. To enjoy this beautiful waterfall in Sukabumi, you need trekking for approximately 15 minutes.

Holiday Tips To Ciletuh Sukabumi Geopark

  • The road leading to this cool Sukabumi tourist spot is quite damaged, so you should use a qualified vehicle. For example, four wheel drive or a more comfortable vehicle.
  • Don't forget to stop by and visit the waterfalls scattered in the Sukabumi Geopark. In this tourist spot, the coolest thing is the waterfalls that are there. Such as Curug Cimarinjung, Curug Awang, and Curug Sodong.
  • If you visit by using two-wheeled vehicles or motorbikes. You should be extra careful and make sure your motorbike is in top condition.
  • Don't forget to bring your camera to capture your visit to the Sukabumi Geopark. It's a shame it's all the way but it doesn't have documentation.
  • Don't litter, don't doodle or do anything that can damage the beauty Cool geopark in Sukabumi!

The efforts of visitors can be paid off with romantic nuances and exotic views at Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi. -23

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