Rumah Guguk Bandung: Family Educational Tour, a Paradise for Pet Lovers

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Rumah Guguk Bandung: Family Educational Tour, a Paradise for Pet Lovers
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BANDUNG, DEPOST- Bandung is a city located in West Java Province, this city is known as the city of flowers. Besides being famous as a flower city, Bandung is also famous for its tourist and culinary attractions. Not infrequently Bandung is used as a tourist destination by tourists who come from various parts of the archipelago, one of the places in Bandung that offers different tourism is Rumah Guguk.

Rumah Guguk is a pet shop in Bandung which is also set up as a tourist spot for pet lovers. There are two places here where visitors can play with various cute pets, from dogs, cats, chickens, birds, goats, and even snakes.

The two places are, first, Kebunku, where visitors can take pictures with various types of dogs and cats of various sizes, and second, Taman Guguk, which is a large garden that is fun to relax or interact with various other animals, from rabbits to ducks.

The place is beautiful and very cozy! Suitable for family holidays with children or for animal lovers.


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Guguk House Location

Jalan Pada Lestari No.23 Cidadap, Isola, Kec. Sukasari, Bandung City, West Java

Route to Guguk House

If you are from downtown Bandung, you can take the direction of Jalan Sukajadi, then continue the journey to Jalan Dr. Setiabudi. Then, pay attention to the left direction of the road, you can enter Jalan Pada Glad, then turn to Jalan Pada Lestari.

Guguk House Ticket Prices

The entrance ticket to Rumah Guguk itself is quite affordable. The entrance ticket to Taman Guguk is different from the entrance ticket to Kebunku, while there is no entrance ticket for the pet shop. The ticket price for each area is IDR 50,000, so to enter both places, you need to spend IDR 100,000.

Guguk House Opening Hours

The Guguk House is open every day at 10.00 - 18.00 WIB. It is recommended to come in the afternoon to enjoy the cool air while playing with the various animals here!

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Guguk House Facilities

Those of you who plan to come here definitely have a goal to meet the cute dogs that are there. The facilities at Rumah Guguk Bandung that you will get will not be far from something related to dogs.

  • A shop that sells a variety of dog equipment, ranging from all kinds of food, accessories that beautify dogs and other necessities.
  • A special place for grooming or a dog salon bordered by a glass window. You can see how the dog grooming process is going, while making it easier
  • for you to keep an eye on it.
  • Playground for dogs interacting with fellow dogs or with visitors who come.
  • If you are tired, you can rest first to buy food or drinks here.
  • Dogs to play with.

Feel the excitement of your weekend vacation with this latest recommended tourist attraction in Bandung.

Tourist Spots at Rumah Guguk Bandung

The picture if you hear the word house is a building for residence. For tourist spots at Rumah Guguk Bandung, it's not just a house, there are also various other angles that you can enjoy with the excitement.

1. Buying Accessories in the Shop

You can beautify the look of your dog by buying a variety of dog accessories. Not only for the dog's appearance, you can also look more stylish with various dog-themed accessories.

2. Feeding Dogs

The fun of feeding multiple dogs is worth a try. Dog lovers will not miss a moment like this in vain.

Here, you are given the freedom to interact directly with the dog, feeding can be one way you can do it. You can buy the food at the places that are available.

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3. Entering the Dog House

The little dog house is a favorite place for children to visit. There are several houses you can enter. In the first house there are several rooms in which there are adorable little dogs such as mini poms, mini poodles, cihuahuas, and pugs.

The children are most happy to be here because they can play with the dogs. There is also a photo spot in one corner for taking interesting photos with the dogs.

The second house has a larger area than the first house. This house can accommodate large dogs such as golden retrievers, labradors, and siberian huskies.

You do not need to be afraid, even though it has a large body this dog is tame and well trained. Even when invited to take pictures, the dogs can pose adorable.

4. Play with Cats

You can also find cats here. There are some special spots for cats that look very cute in the style of lazing on a tree or cupboard.

For now, the guguk house is a favorite animal tourist destination.

Only in this tourist destination, can realize the wishes of some people who really travel with their favorite pets,especially dogs.

That's why this tourist destination must be visited by animal lovers. -23

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