Lembang Park and Zoo: Fun Family Educational Tour

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Lembang Park and Zoo: Fun Family Educational Tour
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BANDUNG, DEPOST- Bandung is a city located in West Java Province, this city is known as the city of flowers. Besides being famous as a flower city, Bandung is also famous for its tourist and culinary attractions. Not infrequently Bandung is used as a tourist destination by tourists who come from various parts of the archipelago, one of the cozy places in Bandung is Lembang Park & ​​Zoo.

Lembang is already well-known as a tourist destination when you are in Bandung. The cool area is the main attraction for tourists. Lembang never runs out of tourist attractions. After previously there was a Farmhouse, Dusun Bambu, Floating Market, The Great Asia Africa, now there is also a family education tourist spot in Lembang called Lembang Park & ​​Zoo.

Lembang Park and Zoo is a tourist attraction that combines various tourist themes in one area. The concept of tourism is actually familiar, but the condition of the field has been made creative and up to date, namely a modern zoo and amusement park. So, apart from being invited to study and observe the animals in the cool and fresh atmosphere of Lembang, all family members can also enjoy many games. Some of the games include playgrounds, carnaval games, agility games, and even a waterpark.


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The area of ​​Lembang Park and Zoo is about 20 ha, with this area capable of presenting various kinds of rides. Although only up to 10 ha can be arranged optimally.

You can imagine, if the area of ​​20 hectares can be realized 100%, then just go to Lembang Park and Zoo, all kinds of tours can be enjoyed in the area.

Location Lembang Park and Zoo

The location or address of Lembang Park and Zoo is in Cihideung, namely at Jalan Colonel Matsuri Number 171, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java Province.

Route to Lembang Park and Zoo

Route to Lembang Park and Zoo. There are many and easy modes of transportation to get to Lembang Park and Zoo, you can take a private vehicle or take public transportation. The following routes can be chosen by tourists who want to visit this tourist location:

  • Via Jalan Setiabudhi: Jalan Pasteur – Jalan Sukajadi – Jalan Setiabudhi – Jalan Raya Lembang – Jalan Kolonel Masturi
  • Via Sergeant Bajuri Street: Pasteur Street – Sukajadi Street – Setiabudhi Street – Sergeant Bajuri Street – Colonel Masturi Street
  • Via Jalan Subang: Jalan Raya Subang – Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu – Jalan Sukabagus – Jalan Pangragajian – Jalan Cendana – Jalan Maribaya – Jalan Grand Hotel – Jalan Kolonel Masturi
  • Via Jalan Geger Hilir: Jalan Pasteur – Jalan Sukajadi – Jalan Setiabudhi – Jalan Ciwaruga – Jalan Cigugur Girang – Jalan Kolonel Masturi
  • Via Jalan Cihanjuang: Jalan Daeng Moh. Ardiwadata – Jalan Cihanjuang – Jalan Colonel Masturi

As an important note, that the main route to Lembang will always be jammed during the holiday season. Therefore, alternative roads are always the choice of visitors.

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Attractions of Lembang Park and Zoo

The charm of the beauty of Lembang Park and Zoo lies in the variety of tours that are many, cool and of educational value. This is the attraction of Lembang Park and Zoo:

1. Nature Tourism and Educational Tourism

Lembang Park And Zoo Zoo.


Of course, the first attraction of Lembang Park and Zoo is a tourist attraction that is able to present the theme of nature tourism and educational tourism in one area. One of the great things about Lembang Tourism is the main concept that still maintains its natural beauty, even though it is close to the center of the capital city of West Java, namely Bandung. Its educational value can be clearly seen by the existence of a zoo which is inhabited by various kinds of animals. Wild animals such as tigers are also available at the Lembang Park and Zoo.

2. Family Tour

The next attraction is a tourist attraction that is highly recommended as a family tourist destination, especially when the holidays arrive.

There are many kinds of children's rides that can be tested, such as: Vehicles to explore the Lembang Park and Zoo area, Iron Man Robot Ride, Mini Train, Play Ground, Water Kiddy Zone.

3. Instagramable photo spots

Lembang Park and Zoo is a tourist attraction that is able to adapt to the demands of the times. This is proven by the existence of several instagramable spots.

Among the instagramable spots are: Spot photos on a small lake using a canoe, Spot photos with a car background, Spot photos in the rabbit house area. Those are just a few spots. What is certain, as a whole, or every corner of Lembang Park and Zoo can be a cool photo backdrop.

Lembang Park and Zoo Opening Hours. This newest tourist spot in Lembang is open every day at 09.00-17.00 WIB. Although open every day, according to the park manager, weekdays are the best time to visit Lembang Park & ​​Zoo. So that visitors can more freely explore the various rides here.

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There are two categories for admission to Lembang Park and Zoo:

Indonesian Citizens: The price of admission Monday – Friday is Rp. 40,000

Saturday, Sunday, Red Day, National Holiday Rp. 50,000

Foreign Citizens: Entrance ticket price Monday – Friday Rp. 75,000

Entrance ticket prices Saturday, Sunday, Red Day, National Holidays Rp. 100,000

There is a follow-up ticket for every ride or spot at Lembang Park and Zoo. A reasonable price for an enjoyment of various tourist themes in one area.

Lembang Park and Zoo is the right choice for family education. Besides children can gain new knowledge about the animal world, they can also play and be entertained with the shows and rides provided. -23

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