Travel Destinations Great Forest Park Ir. H. Djuanda Bandung Indonesia

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Travel Destinations Great Forest Park Ir. H. Djuanda Bandung Indonesia
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BANDUNG, DEPOST- Great Forest Park Ir. H. Djuanda (Tahura Djuanda) is an integrated conservation area between secondary nature and the type of Pinus (Pinus merkusil) located in the Cikapundung River Basin and Citarum Watershed which stretches from Curug Dago, Dago Pakar to Curug Maribaya which is part of the Pulosari Mountain forest group.

Juanda Forest Park can be one of your tourist destinations if you are on vacation in Bandung, especially if you really like nature tourism in Bandung. Juanda Forest Park is also known as Tahura Juanda, or simply by the abbreviation THR Juanda.

THR Bandung can be visited by tourists every day from 8 am to 6 pm. There are many attractions in the Juanda forest area.

So you can visit here and at the same time enjoy several tourist attractions.


This forest is named after one of our countries, Ir. H Juanda. Then what is he? and what is the service?

Ir. H Juanda was the Prime Minister of the last era of parliamentary democracy in our country. He was instrumental in the Djuanda declaration dated December 13, 1957. The contents of the declaration was a statement that all the islands and seas of the archipelago were an inseparable unit.

Location of Juanda Forest Park
The location/address of the Juanda Bandung Forest Park is in the expert village, Ciburial village, Cimenyan district, Bandung. This area is located at an altitude of 770 – 1330 above sea level. The area of ​​this park is about 590 ha, and stretches from the Dago use area to Maribaya Lembang.

Because of this breadth, there are several entrances to THR Juanda. However, the easiest to access is the gate from the expert dago. The main gates to the location are easily accessible and quite smooth.

Juanda Forest Park Entrance Fee

The price of admission to the Juanda Forest Park is Rp. 11,000 for domestic visitors, and Rp. 76,000 for foreign tourists.

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The Enchantment of the Djuanda Forest Park

One of the charms of the Grand Forest Park tourist attraction is that it is a conservation area that has many types of plants. In addition, this place is also considered as the lungs of the center of Bandung, this is because the size of the Djuanda Forest Park is very wide, reaching about 590 hectares. Local residents often give the nickname as THR which stands for Taman Hutan Raya.

This family tourist spot in Bandung has many choices of interesting places that you can use as a photo background with your partner or family. In fact, some of these choices are also considered very popular with visitors and become the main object that must be visited. Recommendations from tourist attractions in Taman Hutan Raya are as follows.

1. Japanese Cave

One of the most famous places in the interior of the Juanda Forest is Goa Japan. The Japanese Cave is the result of the hard work of the Indonesian people who were then under Japanese rule. In fact, at that time the making of Japanese Caves was also included in the forced activities or romusha carried out by the Japanese army.

2. Dutch Cave

Next is the Dutch Cave. This cave is also part of the legacy of the Dutch government which was also built by the Indonesian people forcibly. The Dutch Cave was a silent witness during the colonial period. However, the interesting thing is that all the relics of the Dutch government in Goa are still very well preserved. In fact, you can also see directly all the facilities that are still working well. This cave originally served as a warehouse for weapons storage for the Dutch army.

3. Deer Captive

Another interesting thing that you can enjoy is the deer breeding. Actually, this deer breeding is almost similar to the one at Ranca Upas Bandung. However, the manager of the Juanda Forest Park tourist spot provides an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the sights of quite a lot of deer up close. The manager also gives special warnings not to provide food regularly, so that the health and habitat of the deer are maintained. One type of deer that you can see directly in this place is the spotted deer.

4. Monuments and Museums ir. H. Juanda

In addition to offering natural scenery, visitors can also get important information about the history of Ir. H. Juanda. You can enjoy historical tours by entering the Monuments and Museums in this Grand Forest Park. Actually, this museum has the same concept as the Bandung Geological Museum. However, you will get more detail about the history related to ir. H. Juanda. The museum has a size of about 8 × 10 meters which contains all the relics of the figure of Juanda.

5. Bandung Palace Cliff

Another recommendation from the spot in the interior of this community forest park is the palace cliff. Many visitors come to this location to enjoy a different atmosphere. Moreover, you can see directly the sun rises up to tsunset with an interesting angle. The natural charm that you see can also be enjoyed from a height that is quite ideal. Don't worry because the manager of this tourist spot has also provided a path that is passed quite easily. On certain days, the cliffs of the Bandung palace are quite crowded so you have to take turns climbing.

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Activities to Do

There are many choices of activities that can be done while visiting this place. Each of these activities is also quite fun to do with the family. Sure, when you return from the Djuanda Forest Park, you and your family will be impressed.

1. Outbound

For those of you who like outdoor activities, you can enjoy the outbound facilities provided by the manager. The location and land used for outbound is also quite extensive with various adequate facilities. This activity also has a guide that will help you.

2. Play Paintball

You can also play paintball around the tourist sites. Equipment for playing paintball has also been provided by the manager with affordable rental rates for students and school children.

3. Special Play Facilities for Children

The manager of this place also provides various facilities and special play facilities for children. This will provide convenience for visitors who come with their families. There are indeed many children's tourist attractions in Bandung, but there is nothing wrong with trying it at the Grand Forest Park.

4. Camping at Juanda Forest Park Bandung

Just like other Bandung natural attractions, the forest park also offers camping activities with a very strategic location. You can also rent camping equipment at affordable prices. -23

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