Water Source with Beautiful View, Kalirenco Malang

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Water Source with Beautiful View, Kalirenco Malang


The Kalirenco Sumber Waras Baths in Malang is an ordinary water source which is then used by local residents for agriculture. However, because of the beautiful scenery, Kalirenco has finally become a free tourist spot. Many people then visit Kalirenco just to soak and see the incredible scenery.

Although it has not been officially opened as a tourist spot, Kalirenco Water Source has long been a tourist spot. This place can be used as a suitable destination while on vacation to Malang. Many people visit this Kalirenco to release the burden of the mind with the beautiful scenery and clear water. No need to be afraid of getting hurt because the base of this water source uses ceramics that are neatly arranged.

For the facilities offered there are only baths, toilets, and a small parking area. If you visit here, it's a good idea to bring food from home. Because around this bath there is no one selling.

The location of the Kalireco baths is located in the Lawan area, Malang, East Java. The detailed address for Kalireco is Sumber Waras 2 No. 97, Kalirejo, Lawang, Malang, East Java with postal code 65216. This bathing tour is open between 06.00 and 18.00 WIB.

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The Kalireco Sumber Waras Lawang route starts from the city of Malang, the distance is approximately 17 kilometers with a travel time of about 40 minutes using a private vehicle. Starting from directing the trip to Lawang sub-district, then before arriving at Lawang market you will meet the Otsuka factory as a benchmark.

The location is on the right side of the road, then follow that direction until you pass the Lawang State Senior High School. Once there you will find the first T-junction, turn left, right in front of the Kalirejo village tomb. Follow the paving road until you pass the mosque. The road continues to follow the paving roads until you reach the source.

If you use a car, you cannot enter the tourist location. Because it only has a road width of 1.5 meters so it can only be entered by motorbikes. Kalireco tourism is not an official tour, therefore visitors will not be charged a parking fee./Reg.

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